[ut2004] OpenAL questions

Jason Paque solitudewi at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 04:02:12 EDT 2004

I did not mess with the SDL that came with ut2004 as it is NOT! used ut2004 uses opengl for everything except the loading splash when you fire up ut2004.  That make thier SDL mostly useless unless you have a sound card that rewuires it leave it as it is

Sebastien Chaumat <schaumat at free.fr> wrote:
Le ven 23/04/2004 à 18:48, Ryan C. Gordon a écrit :

> Again, please don't swap out libraries unless you have a good reason; we
> shipped with those specific builds for a reason!

Well look at those benchs :

dm-rankin debian unstable libsdl1.2
13.859163 / 42.669430 / 120.772758 fps
Score = 42.643993

dm-rankin ut2004 retail libsdl1.2
4.193809 / 43.037064 / 101.994865 fps
Score = 43.003017

sound system is OSS on a 2.4.26 + lowlatency kernel.

max framerate is 20% higher with the distro sdl while the min framerate
is dropping to low with the provided sdl. Mean fps is unchanged.

What were the changes in the SDL for ut2004 ? Are they all commited back
to SDL cvs ?


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