[ut2004] Voice chat

Paul subsolar at subsolar.org
Fri Apr 23 21:31:23 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-23 at 13:07, Marco wrote:
> hi tom and the rest,
> just an alternative to the VoIP ut2004 comes with : teamspeak2 
> (www.teamspeak.org) - it's an client/server irc style based voip application. 
> available for linux and for windows. i got ut2004 voip running but switched 
> back to teamspeak cos it got much better quality and also got voice 
> activation so you dont have to press the damn key anytime you want to 
> talk ;-) give it a try ...

I have to agree, I generally prefer TeamSpeak to the built-in voice
chat.  That said there are times when I like the in game voice chat
since it's easier to taunt opponents on the public channel and also talk
with teammates in game.

I think if voice activation was added it would probably end up using
more bandwidth on the game server since with voice activation it's hard
to get the level right and either it's on half the time or it's not on
at all.


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