[ut2004] Voice chat

Marco ut2004 at hackerwelt.de
Fri Apr 23 14:07:51 EDT 2004

hi tom and the rest,

just an alternative to the VoIP ut2004 comes with : teamspeak2 
(www.teamspeak.org) - it's an client/server irc style based voip application. 
available for linux and for windows. i got ut2004 voip running but switched 
back to teamspeak cos it got much better quality and also got voice 
activation so you dont have to press the damn key anytime you want to 
talk ;-) give it a try ...

btw .. i'm using this free teamspeak sever : 
(see FREE ACCOUNT part in this article)

On Monday 19 April 2004 18:14, Tom Richards wrote:
> I recently tried to use the voice chat while playing ut2k4 on my linux box.
>  When i go to hit F, the music gets quite, as if i'm actually saying
> something, but there is no level meter showing.  My friends whom I was
> playin with stated that they could know when i was going to talk because
> their music died down also, but no speech came out.  I am running kernel
> version 2.6.5 with alsa support built in.  anyone have a similar issue?
> Thank you
> Tom


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