[ut2004] Voice chat

Jeff Craig craig at cs.montana.edu
Fri Apr 23 16:50:32 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-23 at 13:52, Peter Wright wrote:
> well my only issue like this is that my clan use Team Speak instead of
> ingame voice chat. and when i run TeamSpeak i get no sound or music from
> ut/ut2004. This is because i think linux only handles one program to use the
> sound card at any time. and with the way ut2004 has been built its the same,
> where its either the in game voice or ingame sounds. and because the ingame
> sounds are running before the ingame voice chat the voice chat wont work.
This is not a Linux problem, iti is a problem with your specific sound

For instance, my SB Live! card mixes just fine, the RealTek hardware on
my NForce3 board, does not.   Yes, the RealTek hardware supports
hardware mixing, the drivers don't though.
Jeff Craig <craig at cs.montana.edu>
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