[ut2004] ut2004 on linux PPC?

J. Ryan Earl heretic at clanhk.org
Fri Apr 23 12:40:44 EDT 2004

J. Ryan Earl wrote:

> Give us a PPC64 server build, and I'll run it on a 32-proc box.

Actually, a Linux PPC32 dedicated server would work just as well, I only 
said PPC64 because I'm used to using that.

I'd much rather see an AMD64 dedicated server before a PPC64 dedicated 
server, but both would be cool.  PPC64 doesn't offer any instrinic 
performance increase over PPC32--it'll probably be slightly slower due 
to increased address sizes.  However, the 64-bit x86 extension should 
give a 15-30% boost in performance by fixing problems in the ISA that 
PPC never had (ie it abandons the floating point stack and other legacy 
stuff completely, and it doubles the number of usable registers). 

An AMD64 server is important because that 15-30% boost in performance 
(it's 30% for the halflife engine anyway) equates to an equal decrease 
in the nodal processing latency at the server and an equal increase in 
the capacity of clients that can be served.  Say the server processing 
delay is in the range 3-50ms under nominal conditions.  With some 
clients only 10-50ms away on a network, this results in a noticeable 
decrease in overall latency (ie 1-15ms decrease in a 13-100ms latency).

So, an AMD64 dedicated server should allow some current AMD processors 
and future Intel processors to give more clients a better experience.  
By better, I mean more emmersive, more interactive, less delay.


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