[ut2004] Voice chat

Tom Richards tom at g13net.com
Mon Apr 19 12:26:30 EDT 2004

Kristopher Kersey wrote:
> Run alsamixer and check the levels on the Mic and Mic Capture lines.  Make
> sure they are turned up.  I have mine at about 95 each.  Also, it may help
> to mention which sound card you're running.
> Thanks,
> Kris Kersey (Augustus)
> LinuxHardware.org Site Manager
> augustus at linuxhardware.org
> Gentoo Linux AMD64 Developer
> augustus at gentoo.org

I checked all my levels and my mic was turned up and set to capture.  When I hit F I can hear myself through my speakers, I'm sorry I did not clarify 
this in my previous email.
I am using an onboard AC97 soundcard thats on my motherboard, the chipset is VIA.

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