Additional game maps

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at
Sat Apr 10 01:10:11 EDT 2004

    I've noticed that when the game runs after installing a bunch of new 
maps, it exports them... What's this all about? Will I end up having an 
.ucl file for every map I have installed? wouldn't it be easier to track 
when the importing of one goes wrong if there was an ucl directory under 
the System directory? Also it is quite frequent and easy for the files 
to get corrupted, I don't know if this has been already reported, but I 
saw on the web that a workaround for this problem (especially with the 
~.../CacheRecords.ucl file) is to turn off the -w flag on the file so it 
becomes read-only , and hence not corrupted.

    I've also seen that the degree of corruption may depend on the 
actual filesystem, I have ReiserFS and when I first started the game 
after copying all my UT2003 maps to it, the game would do a bunch of 
exports even maps installed with it (like ONS-* maps). The second time, 
the maps exported would be different, but when I got into the game, I 
would have lost the game types under Instant action and some settings 
like crosshair, anouncer voices and such, unless CacheRecords.ucl is 
read-only. But if I turn it into read-only the game takes for ever to 
load due to this exports... On a freind's system the game would refuse 
to load when the CacheRecords.ucl got corrupted (he's using ext3) Any 
word on this?

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