[ut2004] latest patch

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Sun Apr 4 03:10:32 EDT 2004

Chris Lack wrote:

>I've been following the bugzilla page regarding the karma crashes since the first patched version was released.  I just wanted to chip in and say that the binaries released Friday have been rock solid for me so far (I know some ppl are still apparently having problems).  I've probably played about 7 hours since switching to them (I could rarely make it more than 30 minutes without a crash before).
>AMD Duron 1.6
>nforce2 mobo
>gf4 ti4600
>kernel 2.6.3 (gentoo)
>PS - I can't get mp3s to play with the in-game music player (just oggs), nor does the file browser seem to work right.  Are these things on the todo list or am I just doing something wrong?
Patch? Where's this patch... I just got my copy today (saturday) and 
have been having some problems:

a) When I copied over some custom maps I had for UT2003 to UT2004 at 
game start it would export a ton of files, the first time worked just 
fine, but after that it would just not display anything in the instant 
action seciton (nor anouncer settings were selectable under settings). 
Googlin' around it turned out to be a problem with the CacheRecords.ucl 
file getting corrupted. Copying again the one from the CD/DVD to the 
install directory, and then changing it's flag to read-only, and then 
again for any of the users would stop this from happening. I did that 
and indeed it stopped.

b) I've been getting a lot aweful of "Connection failed" when trying to 
join a server (the level would load, but just when I should join the map 
I get the error), however if I choose spectate I can join...

I've been already to the official website and I don't seem to see this 

BTW, Ryan, the OpenAL solution from the DEMO worked falwlessly with the 
retail, thanks.

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