[ut2004] Why is my Unreal Tournament 2004 not working!!!???

Aaron Rey Esparza aarone at charter.net
Fri Apr 2 12:59:25 EST 2004

I have not tried to reboot and find out yet...although i will now :) 
What driver did you use?  was it NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run?

On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 09:45, Stephen Sanchez wrote:
> I've always run into the problem of having to reinstall NVidia drivers each time
> Redhat Erratta updates my kernel.  I've found the newer drivers, after
> installed, display a white screen with the Nvidia logo before the X server boots
> up (right before user login).  Are you getting that?  
> Wish I could be a little more help but all my FAQ's and actually, my linux box
> is at home, currently, I'm goofing off at the office.
> Matter of fact, I have a question of my own I'll have to throw at you guys when
> I get back to the apt! Ha!
> Don't get discouraged Aaron, on the lighter side, UT2004 loads incredibly faster
> on my Redhat9 boot than my Windows XP boot.  I load faster than my roomate who
> has a 2Ghz Intel vs my 1.5ghz AMD ;-)  See? The underdog always wins.

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