[ut2004] Why is my Unreal Tournament 2004 not working!!!???

Grant Longhurst Grant.longhurst at redtechnology.com
Fri Apr 2 11:56:13 EST 2004

how do I get off this mailing list?

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Aaron Rey Esparza wrote:

>On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 09:15, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>>Well that's easy then. Just press control + alt + F1, log in as root, 
>>issue the already said init 3 command. You must press enter to get back 
>>the prompt after all the messages. Just one thing though before you go 
>>doing that and hit a brick wall: Install the sources for your current 
>>running kernel. Just log onto RH's FTP, grab the package kernel-source, 
>>install it either with rpm -Uvh or rpm -ivh, I wouldn't recommend using 
>>redhat-config-packages for it, thogh.
>done....why would i need the kernel source?  
>Im sorry for confusing you guys....
>This is where i am at so far...
>I installed the linux drivers from nVidias site...
>this is the current message i am getting after installing the drivers 
>Signal: SIGSEGV [segmentation fault]
>Crash information will be saved to your logfile.
>Segmentation fault
>I just want to frag!!!
When I was going through this process I had to change my XF86Config-4 
file so that it would use the NVidia drivers when the X server 
started.   In this section:

---- snip

Section "Device"
    ### Available Driver options are:-
# sw_cursor is needed for some ati and radeon cards
Option "sw_cursor"
        #Option     "hw_cursor"
        #Option     "NoAccel"
        #Option     "ShowCache"
        #Option     "ShadowFB"
        #Option     "UseFBDev"
        #Option     "Rotate"
    Identifier  "Card0"
# The following line is auto-generated by KNOPPIX mkxf86config
    Driver      "nvidia"
    VendorName  "All"
    BoardName   "All"
#    BusID       "PCI:1:0:0"

---- snip

I changed the line from

    Driver   "nv"


    Driver   "nvidia"

Correct me if I am wrong.

- Derek W.

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