[ut2004] More ALSA woes

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Apr 1 22:51:41 EST 2004

> Try adding this to your .bashrc or someplace similar.
> export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa
> export AUDIODEV=default

There is NO sdl audio support in retail ut2004. It's OSS or ALSA, or
build your own openal.

Some people have reported that the game is opening the wrong ALSA
library. Try symlinking your libasound.so.2 to libasound.so  ...

>  From Googling, it seems that SDL might need these two set in order to 
> use ALSA. As always, YMMV. I wish all of this documented better.

I wish there wasn't twelve different ways to talk to sound hardware on


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