[ut2004] Strange text-to-speech issues: Same Here.

Matthew N Cheely mcheely at Glue.umd.edu
Thu Apr 1 15:28:49 EST 2004

Anybody using alsa should take a look at dmix as Alex suggested earlier.
It's a plugin included in alsa that does software mixing for sound cards
that don't do hardware stream mixing. I fiddled with it a bit this morning
and was able to play a couple of streams at once (ogg and wav) which I could
not do before using dmix. It's still not working with Festival and
/dev/speech, I think because they use /dev/dsp oss emulation for audio
output. It seems it should be possible to get /dev/speech working as
well by editing the ~/.asoundrc file appropriately.

For more info on dmix:


If I ever get this working, I'll post instructions.

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Jamin W. Collins wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 03:09:31PM -0500, stuartb at thelinuxlink.net wrote:
> > > I'm trying to get text to speech to work on my machine and I've installed
> > > festival and speechd, /dev/speech works fine from the console, I edited
> > > UT2004.ini as the lgfaq suggested, but in the game I get no text-to-speech
> > > conversion. However, when I quit the game, then all of the sudden it seems
> > > like all the text gets dumped to /dev/speech and I hear all the messages
> > > from the game. Anybody got any ideas on this?
> >
> > I have the same problem. Using Gentoo Linux, I emerged festival and speechd.
> > I can echo "Hello World" > /dev/speech and it works fine.
> > As the same user, when I run the game, it doesn't speak until I exit the
> > game, then I get all the sounds.
> Sounds like you both have an issue with concurrent access to your sound
> device.  Can you play multiple sound streams back at the same time
> without the use of something like ESD or ARTS?
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