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Thu Mar 12 03:07:39 EDT 2009

described.  Just to be safe, (not sure your linux skills, and if you need
more help just let me know) you should back up your UT dir before doing
the patch.

cd to the parent dir of your UT install  example:
cd /usr/local/games/

then do this
cp -a ut2003_demo ut2003_demo.bak

If for some reason the patch gives ya trouble you can restart by doing

mv ut2003_demo ut2003_demo.bad
mv ut2003_demo.bak ut2003_demo

And when all is well, nuke the bad one
You can use rm -R ut2003_demo.bad.  This last command really does need to
be done with care, but it will do the job.

Chris G.

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