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Yeah I went to the google translation site and translated it into this ===> Thank you for your pimmo, be sure to answer 
I do not know what pemmo is. Hehe, but I am looking for anyone interested in redoing the linux_installer.sh for ut2003. It needs some serious updating to work on current platforms with newer GTK, libstdc, gcc, etc. My thought was to redo with something that is not reliant on things like gtk and the like. One installer I have been always impressed wit is the MOJO installer but getting this to work will require some work on the part of more than 1 person and as I have said, I can compile and trouble shoot compilations in console but I do not know how to code and do not know what tools I need to even read this file and unpack it's components. As I understand these types of installers are tar.gz archives made and are made with makeself which I know nothing about. 
If you would like to be a part of this, it would be very cool indeed. I will do whatever I can to support and help this effort in the way of ideas for the interface, testing it, reporting bugs through the mailing list with the error output included. Let me know what you think and what your capabilities are and if you are interested. I am apparently the only player in my clan that uses Linux but know players from other clans that do use it as I do. We need to make Linux the preferred gaming platform as much as possible. =) 

Thanks and I appreciate the reply, Have fun and I hope to hear from you soon. 
Leo M / [MXC]$K!Nj0B www.mxcclan.com 

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Hi! Am Freitag 17 April 2009 schrieb skinj0b at comcast.net: >> ----- Original Message ----- >> From: "ut007562" >> To: ut2003 at icculus.org >> Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 10:40:13 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern >> Subject: Re: [ut2003] installer for ut2003 >> >> Спасибо Вам,на Ваше пимьмо ,обязательно ответим. > > I am American so I had to translate your message. What do you mean, Thank > you for your pimmo, be sure to answer? It is probably supposed to mean письмо, which would be "letter" in english. I think the line means something along "Thanks for you mail, we will answer you shortly". My russian isn't the best, so this is a pretty free translation. Seems to be some kind of auto-responder. -- Matthias Bach www.marix.org „Der einzige Weg, die Grenzen des Möglichen zu finden, ist ein klein wenig über diese hinaus in das Unmögliche vorzustoßen.“ - Arthur C. Clarke 
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