[ut2003io] Distortion with ALSA

Jeff Woods klaatu at fnordco.com
Fri Feb 27 00:53:15 EST 2004

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 21:58:16 -0600
Matthew Arnold <marnold at ez-net.com> wrote:

> Has the ALSA capture patch gone into OpenAL CVS? I'm having a hard time 
> getting the patch to apply cleanly. I can't tell from the devel mailing 
> list if it was added or not.
> Matt

It appears as though it has. When recompiling, the only way to make it work for me was to use the "forward.diff" patch. It still made some weirdness with the OSS back end, but since I'm not using that, it doesn't worry me.

Actually, I haven't even verified that I can even use the VoIP, only that it compiles, doesn't crash, and UT2004 tells me "ALAudio: Using ALC_EXT_capture to record audio."

I'm on coal-powered dial-up and I can't afford to waste bandwidth on such niceties.


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