[ut2003io] 10 avg FPS. What the ... ?

Matthias Bach marix at marix-world.de
Fri Feb 20 07:08:10 EST 2004


I personally don't think the graphics card is the problem. Maybe 
you want to try another driver or check wether AGP is correctly enabled 
in you system. The README of the nVidia driver offers some hints. 
I haven't checked my UT2004Demo-framerates yet, but it feels very 
smooth and seems to run better than UT2003. In UT2003 I never drop 
below 25 fps, usually more.
I wrote my system specks next to yours

Am Freitag, 20 Februar 2004 schrieb Ken Cantwell <kencantwell at comcast.net> 
> My setup (two-year-old Pogolinux Altura) is:
>    processor: Athlon-XP 1800+ (1.53 Ghz)
AMD Athlon 1400
>    memory:    768MB
>    graphics:  NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti-200 64MB
NVIDIA GeForce3 64MB (had just about the same results an a GeForce2 
Pro 64MB)
>    router:    Netgear MR814
Shouldn't matter.
>    broadband: 3000Kbps up, 256Kbps down
>    OS:        Mandrake Linux 9.1
SuSe linux 9.0
>    driver:    NVIDIA 1.0-5336 (the latest)
The one installed by the SuSe-linux install skript. will check later.

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