[ut2003io] ut2004 demo release

Jonathan "Chaser" Bale chaser at game2xs.com
Wed Feb 11 14:26:41 EST 2004


Congratulations on the release ;)

One question, I'm sitting here waiting to put up a fair few demo servers -
but can't find or get hold of the Linux server distribution (no sign of it
on Atari Friends)?  I note you say you have your server online, is this a
private release - or are we going to see the Linux server out tonight along
side the win32 version?

I have had no info back from Atari on this question, would be wonderful if
people could fill us in on the details :D

Kind regards


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Wishing Ryan a smooth finish and release of the Linux ut2k4 demo...  I
already have my linux demo server up and running!!

Very well done, and best wishes for the eventual release...  I can't wait
to play it!!!


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