[ut2003io] ut2003 command launching to connect to server doesn't work under xqf (gamespy clone) for linux

tk Voice tkVoice at netscape.net
Mon Feb 2 01:03:17 EST 2004

Okay I just blew away my ~/.ut2003 directory (and everything below it.)

Now I can connect via xqf launcing :)

Only the game did not set up my newly created ~/.ut2003 with the correct 
defaults as the only button on the keyboard that works is the ~ (at 
least I can quit the game from the console)

I went fishing in the /usr/local/games/ut2003/System directory and found 
two(2) default ini's:
DefUser.ini  Default.ini

I copied:
 /usr/local/games/ut2003/System/DefUser.ini to ~/.ut2003/System/User.ini
 /usr/local/games/ut2003/System/Default.ini to ~/.ut2003/System/UT2003.ini

and now all works good :)

Isn't the game supposed to send these files to a newly created home 
directory automatically?

all is well that ends well :)

>Just tried launching UT2003 from XQF and it connected straight away.
>>Slackware v9.1 (older versions of Slackware did the same thing)
>>xqf v0.9.13 http://www.linuxgames.com/xqf
>>UT2003 v2225
>Debian Sid
>xqf 0.9.13 (xqf_0.9.13-1_i386.deb)
>UT2003 v2225
>In fact the only problem I had was the one where it will sometimes come up 
>windowed instead of full screen.  A restart usually fixes this, but it's more 
>of a problem when you're being directly connected to a game.

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