[ut2003io] Installing on Debian unstable

Andrew Pilley ashridah at icculus.org
Mon Oct 13 11:39:56 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 18:09, abower at thebowery.co.uk wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I think something is quite broken, any ideas anyone? :-/
> Thanks for all the help so far... I hope that this doesn't manifest itself in
> ut2004. 

ut2003's installer was an unfortunate rushjob, which is why it exhibits
a number of quirks. i'd have a quick look through the bugs posted on
https://bugzilla.icculus.org/ for ut2003, they might give you a
workaround for this problem. ut2004 shouldn't have this problem, as many
of the bugs ut2003's installer came up with are mainly due to the fact
that it's one of the first to ever use that installer for multi-cd
installs, and it'll probably get built with newer libraries that work on
more recent platforms.

Unfortunately, unsetting DISPLAY also breaks here, i probably should
have tested that myself before trying it, sorry.

hmm. i presume you've double-checked to make sure the license dialog
hasn't just fallen behind some other dialog box? feel free to beat me
over the head with an 'of course i have, tool!' if you have :)


I hereby pose this question for analysis. 
Are Microsoft users smarter than hamsters?
*Bluescreen* Reboot *Bluescreen* Reboot *Bluescreen* Reboot
Hamsters 1, Users 0.

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