Error Moving File

Rob Salmond phro at
Sun May 25 13:57:11 EDT 2003

This has likely been addressed already but I didn't see an archive of this 
mailing list anywhere and I haven't found any info elsehwere yet.  Anyway, 
apologies in advance for redundancy but my problem is that when I connect to 
a server running a mod or a level I don't have it downloads but gives me an 
error about moving the file once its been downloaded.

From my UT2003.log file:

DevNet: HTTPDownload: connect() failed
DevNet: Receiving package 'ServerIcons'
ScriptLog: PlayerController::ProgressCommand 
menu:XInterface.UT2NetworkStatusMsg Connection failed Downloading package 
'ServerIcons' failed: Error moving file

I imagine its  permissions problem or a path problem of some sort but I've 
chmodded everything in /usr/local/games/ut2003 to 755 and tried playing both 
as the user who owns the ut2003 directory and as root with the same results.



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