[ut2003io] FW: Linux installer for Epic Bonus Pack

Johan Schuring johan at vetteblei.dyndns.org
Thu Mar 13 14:51:37 EST 2003


I saw on that download site also a cachemanager, but you can also use this one:


I'm using it a few months, very simple tool to use :)

modify it like this:

# Config file
set gCfgFile ~/.ut2003cache
# ListBox containing cache files
global gList
# List containing cache files
global gCacheList
# List containing fileTypes
set gFileTypes  {
    {".ut2" "Maps" "Map file"}
    {".u" "System" "Mutator"}
    {".utx" "Textures" "Textures"}
    {".ukx" "Animations" "Animations"}
    {".uax" "Sounds" "Sound file"}
    {".ogg" "Music" "Music file"}
    {".ukx" "Animations" "Animation file"}
    {".usx" "StaticMeshes" "Static Meshes"}

I use it as root, because i've installed ut2k3 as root.

have fun,


Daniel Vogel (vogel at epicgames.com) wrote: 
>Dunno if this is the same as the last one. Could someone give it a try and
>include the link in the linux gaming FAQ?
>-- Daniel, Epic Games Inc.

>This script can be found at UnrealTower, at

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