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Dan Trevino dantrevino at
Mon Jun 9 06:29:01 EDT 2003

I found a couple of options in my BIOS that *seem* to make a
difference.  I dont know if these are well known, but they weren't to
me.  I have an Asus A7V266-C with an Award BIOS.  In the Chip
Configuration area, I set my "Graphics Aperature Size" to "128MB" (from
"64MB") and my "Video Memory Cache Mode" to "USWC" (from "UC").  I don't
know if doing this is "correct", but I was able to jack my settings up
to 1024x768x32bit, max detail and get comparable performance to the
800x600x16bit,default detail that I documented previously.  I don't have
the energy to benchmark these things properly.  At least not now.

So, my questions are:
What is the Graphics Aperature Size?  Am I stealing main memory?  Should
I lower this value since I have 128MB on my video card?

What is USWC vs UC?  Which is better?  How do I know if my card supports
it?  I STFW for Ti 4200 (my card) and couldn't find much.  

Heres a quick summary of my benchmark scores.  All use NvAgp driver,
FastWrite enabled, SideBandAddressing enabled.  

800x600x16bit are with "Graphic Apperature Size" = 64MB and "Video
Memory Cache Mode"=UC.  

1024x768x32bit are with "Graphic Apperature Size" = 128MB and "Video
Memory Cache Mode" = USWC.  

Numbers are (FPS/FPS/FPS,Score).

                     800x600x16bit  1024x768x32bit
                     (def. detail)  (max detail)
botmatch-antalus     9/33/70,33     7/35/72,36  
botmatch-anubis      16/52/111,52   11/53/114,52
botmatch-suntemple   2/44/117,44    1/41/83,41
flyby-phobos2        14/114/398,76  36/98/386,75
flyby-inferno        2/91/273,73    3/66/319,62
flyby-citadel        3/92/262,74    36/88/200,74

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