[ut2003io] Linux UT2003 port

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Mon Jan 27 23:09:00 EST 2003

Miguel Durão wrote:
> Hello Ryan,
> I guess the linux port of ut2003 suffers the same problem as the port of UT.
> The tickrate in a linux-box is less stable then in a windows box! :|
> Today, I just finnish to installed a gentoo linux box, scratch from 
> stage 1 in my pentium4 at 1.8ghz <mailto:pentium4 at 1.8ghz>, with a Asus P4T 
> board, with 512Mb Rimms and a Intel Pro100+ nic.
> I was convinced that this specs were *enough* to have a dedicated server 
> of ut2003 in a linuxbox... but, the TR issue it's present again (just 
> like in old UT).
The Linux kernel has a scheduler resolution of 10 milliseconds. This 
means latency without the HZ kernel patch, which, coincidentally, Linux 
2.5 now uses and RedHat already ships with in their 2.4 kernel.

This is not a bug in Unreal. If you want your server to use less CPU, it 
will have more latency, which shouldn't be shocking.


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