Linux UT2003 port

Miguel Durão miguel.durao at
Mon Jan 27 22:11:47 EST 2003

Hello Ryan, 

I guess the linux port of ut2003 suffers the same problem as the port of UT.
The tickrate in a linux-box is less stable then in a windows box! :|

Today, I just finnish to installed a gentoo linux box, scratch from stage 1 in my pentium4 at 1.8ghz, with a Asus P4T board, with 512Mb Rimms and a Intel Pro100+ nic.
I was convinced that this specs were *enough* to have a dedicated server of ut2003 in a linuxbox... but, the TR issue it's present again (just like in old UT).
With no kernel-hack in param.h ( /usr/src/linux/include/asm-i386/param.h), this means, kernel tick @ 100mhz, and the TR=20 in the server.ini, DivInfo2k3.u (coded by TNSe) stated a TR 15 in my server.

The, I recompiled my kernel with the 1000hz hack in the param.h and DivInfo2k3.u didn't report nothing, meaning that with the kernel hack, the ut2003 server works like it should.

But, with the param.h, the cpu will work *more* meaning less servers per box... (i'm not positive about this, but you should know this better then me).

Please, Ryan, can you test this and give *us* (the linux admins) an opinion?

Thanks in advance, sincerely, 

Miguel Durao (aka: [PUKE]~Rambo)

PS: those the param.h really stresses more the cpu? How can this affect the all-box and the cpu himself.
PS2: TNSe is aware of this and he says that DivInfo2k3.u doesn't lie. :)
PS3: How does ut2003-ded-server is compiled? is it possible to have it compiled with different flags for cpu-optimization?
PS4: Once again, many thxs for your time to make a ut2003-ded-server possible.

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