[ut2003io] Editor

David van Hoose davidvh at cox.net
Thu Jan 16 18:41:30 EST 2003

Chunky Kibbles wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 05:28:36PM -0600, David van Hoose wrote:
>>>It was. Hence, this list, hosted on icculus.org
>>Is there anyway to join the dev team? I have what some of my friends 
>>call "a genetic disposition to crash programs." I think I could be of 
>>some good use.
> The dev team? Try asking Epic...

Really? Anyone in particular to ask? My sister works at Research 
Triangle Park where Epic is located.

>>>>I hate Windows. It is slow. It crashes more than my beta kernel too.
>>>Hmmm. Well that's not really a well-formed question, but in answer,
>>>"The game is different to the editor", and the editor hasn't been
>>Why not? It can't be that hard.
> Ha. There's some famous last words right there.
> I've not checked recently, but I'm led to believe it's MFC-based.
> http://icculus.org/~icculus/writing/revista_do_linux/mfc_to_gtk.txt
> For a somewhat more cheerful outlook, search for "MFC Porting Linux"
> on google, or similar. But understand, it's still a crappy job.

It isn't that hard. You already know what the system is supposed to do, 
and since the system is using SDL (which is ported already) a lot of the 
system is pre-done. I guess all that UT has left is a couple thousand 
lines of MFC->POSIX translation.


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