[ut2003io] Choppy w/Radeon 8500

Neil Gower neilg at canada.com
Thu Jan 9 00:41:34 EST 2003

Can anyone with an insider's perspective (Ryan?) comment on this?  
Sounds like I'm stuck waiting for ATI to improve their drivers.  Is
anyone working with ATI to get their drivers to play nice with UT?



On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Mike Palmer wrote:

> Well, mostly your problem is the ati drivers. ATI is really lacking
> in performance under linux as opposed to nvidia based gpu's.
> Hopefully the ati drivers mature enough to where the full ability of
> your card is utilized. But as of right now my gf2mx400 will
> benchmark as hight or higher than your 8500. my ti4600 really kills
> it.

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