[ut2003io] Performance probs I -- please help

Peter Hoff petehoff at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 21 10:59:54 EST 2003

Dan Trevino wrote:

>I have an issue where I am continuously getting disconnected from
>servers.  Sometimes its after 20 min...sometimes 5.  It happens on
>differnent servers, and so far, using two different DSL providers.  I
>started with the <Cable/ADSL> network setting, but have tried all the
>others too in the hopes that somehow that'd fix it.  "net stat" doesnt
>show me any obvious errors before I get dumped.  I've applied all the
>patches.  How can I begin tracing down whats going on?  Any ideas?
I get dropped if I'm downloading a map from the server ad the map 
changes before the download is done. Is that what's happening to you?

Related question: where is a good site to get maps, preferably one that 
doesn't have all that membership crap?

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