[ut2003io] Linux 2199 patch...

Mirco Müller mirco at pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Feb 18 11:47:07 EST 2003

Andrew Pilley wrote:

>hmm. tried out the "umodunpack" commandlet, only to get it tell me it
>had nfi what the "umodunpack" commandlet was...
>[0]ashridah at mycrondo:/usr/local/games/ut2003/System$ ./ucc-bin
>umodunpack -l /home/ashridah/dl/umod/MonkeyMatrixv1200b_ut2mod.ut2mod
I do (as an example):

    cd /mnt/games/ut2003
    ./ucc umodunpack -x /tmp/some.ut2mod -nohomedir

and this works as intended. Only when I try to do:

    cd /mnt/games/ut2003
    ./System/ucc-bin umodunpack -x /tmp/some.ut2mod -nohomedir

stuff doesn't work.

Best regards...

Mirco "MacSlow" Mueller

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