[ut2003io] For those that misunderstood this...

UnrealXtreme Admin hotdog_x at unrealxtreme.net
Sun Feb 16 11:21:45 EST 2003

Hi ryan,

Yes, I want to mirror the autoupdater patches.
I have the web space to mirror those files.
my email: hotdog_x at unrealxtreme.net


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From: "Ryan C. Gordon" <ryan at epicgames.com>
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Subject: [ut2003io] For those that misunderstood this...

> 1) There is no autoupdater patch (the .sh.bin files) for the dedicated 
> server any more. Use the tarball.
> 2) For the Linux client, if you want the autoupdater patch, use the 
> autoupdater. I don't want to field anymore questions from people that 
> broke their installations trying to manually apply the .sh.bin files 
> that are meant to be applied automatically by the autoupdater, so I'm 
> not listing URLs for these files anymore.
> 3) The tarball will work with both the retail installation and the 
> freely-downloadable dedicated server.
> 4) If you want to mirror the autoupdater patches, please send me an 
> email so I can put together a list of people to notify of where to get 
> them for the autoupdater network.
> --ryan.

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