For those that misunderstood this...

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at
Sun Feb 16 10:13:16 EST 2003

1) There is no autoupdater patch (the .sh.bin files) for the dedicated 
server any more. Use the tarball.

2) For the Linux client, if you want the autoupdater patch, use the 
autoupdater. I don't want to field anymore questions from people that 
broke their installations trying to manually apply the .sh.bin files 
that are meant to be applied automatically by the autoupdater, so I'm 
not listing URLs for these files anymore.

3) The tarball will work with both the retail installation and the 
freely-downloadable dedicated server.

4) If you want to mirror the autoupdater patches, please send me an 
email so I can put together a list of people to notify of where to get 
them for the autoupdater network.


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