[ut2003io] radeon 9700

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Tue Feb 11 20:26:23 EST 2003

Neil Gower <neilg at canada.com> writes:

> > >>>How do u start ut2003 when your not in a window manager?
> > >>>for instance...nox?
> To try to max out performance (I've got an 8500, also brutally slow on
> outdoor levels), I switch to a custom run-level config'd to run just
> about nothing, and then just run "xinit" which gives me an xterm and no
> window manager - pretty much as bare-bones as you can get.  :-)

Seriously, this is massive overkill. My normal Linux desktops have
processes using perhaps 1-3% of the CPU during normal usage. I don't
run a special X config, I definitely don't run a special run level - I
never needed too. Also in this case, the performance is not CPU caused
most likely, but driver caused (mainly since with a less powerful
nvidia card, performance seems a lot better).

My box is an Athlon 1.2 GHz with a GeForce 2 Pro, to give you
perspective. It is a tad slow at times (especially large outdoor
levels with lots of people) but overall quite decent.

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