[ut2003io] radeon 9700

Neil Gower neilg at canada.com
Sun Feb 9 01:27:18 EST 2003

> >>>How do u start ut2003 when your not in a window manager?
> >>>for instance...nox?

To try to max out performance (I've got an 8500, also brutally slow on
outdoor levels), I switch to a custom run-level config'd to run just
about nothing, and then just run "xinit" which gives me an xterm and no
window manager - pretty much as bare-bones as you can get.  :-)

With RedHat at least, run level 4 is unused, so you can do whatever you
like to it without mucking up your system.  Running "ntsysv --level 4"
is an easy way to do the config, and then "init 4" to switch to that
run-level (init 3 or 5 to get back to your regular console or X setup,

If you haven't already, you should tell ATI about your experience with
their drivers on their linux feedback site:


... hopefully that will motivate them to resolve the issue.



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