[ut2003io] Unreal 2

D. Olson dana at mandrakeusers.org
Wed Feb 5 12:18:23 EST 2003

On Wed, 05 Feb 2003 02:03:40 -0500
"Ryan C. Gordon" <ryan at epicgames.com> wrote:

> > So how (im)possible would it be to make the UT2003 run Unreal2?
> I would guess it would be highly unlikely, if not impossible.
> The reason Chunky's (incredibly cool) hack to let you play Unreal 1
> with the UT engine works is because there is basically NO
> game-specific C++ code in Unreal 1 (that's all written in
> UnrealScript). I don't think you'll have this luxury with Unreal 2.
> I could be wrong, this is just based on my experience with Epic's
> and Epic's licensee's development habits and design goals.
> --ryan.

I'm sure that someone will try it, and if they succeed, I hope they
post on this mailing list.

That said, I'm not optimistic either. Sad though, but there are lots
of other games for us right now, and coming in the very near future.
Besides, once I'm done writing Unreal 3, we'll all forget about Unreal
2... ;)

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