[ut2003io] loki_update on SuSE 8.2

Eric Koldeweij eric at no-sense.net
Thu Aug 14 03:29:36 EDT 2003

Mike Palmer wrote:

>How would you go about updating ut2003 from a fresh install using SuSE 8.2
>if you installed as root (/usr/local/games/ut2003) instead of user home?
>I suppose SuSE doesn't let the root account access the X server so it
>doesn't work.
>Searching for installed products... done!
>Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
>Xlib: No protocol specified

Type "xhost +" in a shell as the non-root user. This will allow root 
(and any other person for that matter) access to the X server. 
Everything will work fine then.

For more info, see "man xhost".


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