[ut2003io] Begging for "ucc make" in linux

[Apoc]Death death at apoc.org
Thu Aug 7 08:40:42 EDT 2003

Sweet!  Thanks, Ryan...  A positive response at all is a damn good thing,
whether or not we're talking ut2004 timeframe...


On Sat, 2 Aug 2003, Ryan C.Gordon wrote:

> > Is there _any_ chance we might see "ucc make" functionality on the
> > linux
> > side of things?  Pretty please?  (Can I get more pathetic?  I'll try
> > below...)
> Daniel will get his pasta sauce before ucc make works on Linux.
> This is _definitely_ something I want to do, because it'd save me up to
> an hour per build (scp several gigs to a Windows box, build
> Unreal-based game, run ucc make, copy the new headers and .u files back
> to Linux box, rebuild with new headers, rinse, repeat)...but there's
> just so many more-pressing matters, Unreal or otherwise, to spend the
> time to fix it right now.
> Hopefully I'll have it working in the ut2004 timeframe (which isn't too
> very far away, to be honest).
> --ryan.

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