[ut2003io] [OT] Linux version of Unreal2

Johan Schuring johan at vetteblei.dyndns.org
Mon Apr 21 10:18:58 EDT 2003


I think we must be very lucky that Epic (Mark Rein) said when there is a linux
server we also make a linux client, otherwise there wasn't a client for ut2k3.

The windows market is really big, i know some guys who tried to play ut2k3 in linux,
but their hardware is still windows based, ATI videocards (screen crashes after a
while), onboard audio (Intel), the drivers for linux aren't on that level of the
windows drivers, they can't get 5.1 (maybe 6.1)on that onboard audio, only stereo.,
AGP needs an extra string (unsupported), etc...

Don't forget they are trying, but likes the click and play based products of
windows, a reboot costs them less time then editing some files in Linux, they don't
understand vi, etc....

They have to wait much longer for getting custom maps, can't get into their password
protected clan server, what makes them dual booting and stay on windows, delete the
Linux partitions after a while, they don't use it.

Those things keeps them away from playing game(s) in Linux.

These are some experiences what i've seen, nothing more.


cameron (cameron at aberdeenlanparty.co.uk) wrote: 
>Yehh guys I hear where you are coming from but its all down to the $$$$
>windows is the biggest market at the moment and as popular as Linux is its
>still very much on the sidelines.

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