[ut2003io] [OT] Linux version of Unreal2

cameron cameron at aberdeenlanparty.co.uk
Mon Apr 21 09:27:40 EDT 2003

Yehh guys I hear where you are coming from but its all down to the $$$$
windows is the biggest market at the moment and as popular as Linux is its
still very much on the sidelines.


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> On 20 Apr 2003, Dana Olson said me 8-)
>  #-dana -# If I were a [real] developer, I sure would prefer to do it in
Linux. I
>  #-dana -# can't count the number of times I've lost code in Windows due
to the
>  #-dana -# editor crashing or Windows dying.
>  Yes, then I'm sure that developers will prefer Linux for the their solid
> game programming, sooner or later. But I venture a hypothesis about that:
> we have to wait for five years at least. Do you think it will be possible?
> Turk.

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