Setting Resolutions and Refresh Rates

Robert Boucher rboucher at
Sat Apr 5 00:13:58 EST 2003

Use the gtf command (included with XFree86 4.3) to generate ModeLines
for the resolutions and refresh rates you want to run X and your games at.

As an example I'll use 800x600 at 85Hz.  So I'll run "gtf 800 600 85" to 
create a mode line for that resoution at that refresh rate.

Take the ModeLine output line and paste it into the monitor section in
your XF86Config file.

Rename the ModeLine from "800x600_85.00" to just "800x600".

This will force XFree86 to only use the refresh specified by the
ModeLine you created for the resolution.  Other refresh rates will be 

Do this for all the resolutions you want to run at.  My monitor section 
has (watch for wrapping):

Modeline "1024x768" 94.39 1024 1088 1200 1376 768 769 772 807 -HSync +Vsync
Modeline "800x600"  56.55  800  840  928 1056 600 601 604 630 -HSync +Vsync
Modeline "640x480"  35.71  640  672  736  832 480 481 484 505 -HSync +Vsync

This worked for me.


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