[ut2003io] Installer doesnt like my cd

Matthew Daubenspeck matt at oddprocess.org
Mon Sep 30 21:50:31 EDT 2002

On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 06:55:43PM -0700, Steve Pirk wrote:
> Here is what I did...
> In one window (as root), I mounted cd 3
> mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom
> In another window, I typed:
> cd /games
> /cdrom/linux_installer.sh (or whatever the shell installer
>                            is called).
> When it prompted for Play Disk, I went to the root
> window, typed eject (this un-mounts the cdrom, and since
> I did not cd to /cdrom to run the installer, it is
> not busy).
> I inserted disk 1, and re-issued the mount command
> in the root window. I then went to the install window
> and typed Y to retry...

That's exactly how I tried it, and it still asks for the Play CD.

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