[ut2003io] Installer doesnt like my cd

Steve Pirk orion at deathcon.com
Mon Sep 30 21:55:43 EDT 2002

Here is what I did...
In one window (as root), I mounted cd 3
mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom
In another window, I typed:
cd /games
/cdrom/linux_installer.sh (or whatever the shell installer
                           is called).

When it prompted for Play Disk, I went to the root
window, typed eject (this un-mounts the cdrom, and since
I did not cd to /cdrom to run the installer, it is
not busy).

I inserted disk 1, and re-issued the mount command
in the root window. I then went to the install window
and typed Y to retry...

So far it is working fine....

Got Slack? - Steve

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> > Well I just bought the game this morning. I pop in cd 3 and run the
> > shell script and it asks for the play disk (I assume this is the first
> > disc, though ive tried both) I put in the cd and hit yes and it still
> > shows the thing telling me to put in the cd, so I manually umount and
> > mount the cd drive, take out the cd, clean it (its brand new no
> > scratches), thing is I can do a ls in /mnt/cdrom/ and see everything.
> > What could the problem be?
> Do you have the cdrom drive listed as something other than /mnt/cdrom in
> /etc/fstab? It might be a bug in the installer that is causing it to
> look in the wrong place for the CD, so it thinks it isn't mounted, but
> I'm just guessing.
> --ryan.

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