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On 27 Sep 2002, zakk wrote:

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> On Fri, 2002-09-27 at 22:12, Peter Jay Salzman wrote:
> > thanks, but i was hoping for a "yes" or "no".   after reading the lgfaq,
> > i take it your answer is:
> > 
> >     "i don't know". 
> As we say in the lgfaq, the XiG commercial driver supports S3TC.
> In the future, the ATi binary drivers for those two specific cards will
> probably support it.

	Well, I have to admit, it *is* actually mentioned, once you weed
through all of the DRI (which doesn't support s3tc), myth2, and nvidia
entries... ;-)

	I'm guessing that you really like Nvidia cards?

	Yes, beware: the XiG drivers do cost actual money.  Be very
afraid.  Run! Run away! Buy Nvidia! ;-)


-Jon (who works for XiG)

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