Jeff jm at
Fri Sep 27 21:18:10 EDT 2002

Hey guys

I'm using twinview with a geforce 4.  I run my desktop at 1280x1024,
1280x1024, and I run games at 1024x768 so I set the mode to 1024x768,
null.  This makes most games turn off the second monitor (left) and go
fullscreen on the first (right).  When I set my res to 1024x768 and full
screen in ut2k3, it turns off the second monitor, but seems to keep my
viewport on the second monitor's, while the game is running on the
first, so I can hear the game, but I can't see it.

alt-enter takes me back to windowed mode, which works fine.  If I run
the 2nd desktop at a lower res I can see the left edge of ut2k3, so I
know its putting the view at 0,0 when it should be 1280,0 I guess.  Not
sure why it works with all other games 

Is there a work around for this?  IE can I force fullscreen to start at
a certain pixel


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