[ut2003io] ucc compression in UT2k3

bus_error bus_error at fragism.com
Mon Sep 23 21:46:52 EDT 2002

> > It errors on -nohomedir, but it still obeys it.  If you
> > don't specify -nohomedir, it creates it in $HOME/.ut2003.  If you do, it
> > creates it in the System directory .. am I missing something?
> All writes go to the homedir unless you specify -nohomedir. This was by
> design.

I hate to be argumentative, but that's what I was questioning - nohomedir
doesn't seem to be working.  ucc-bin seems to think that is a file to be
compressed and spits out an error when it's specified.

It also seems to be rather unhappy about files in any location other than
the System directory - the previous version wasn't quite so picky.

Example:  the old ucc-bin

max1 at nightstalker:~/ut-server/System$ ./ucc-bin compress
../Maps/DM-Deck16][.unr -nohomedir
WARNING: Not using preference directory
Compressing ../Maps/DM-Deck16][.unr (866119 bytes)
stage 0: 0.135597 secs
stage 1: 0.866887 secs
stage 2: 0.071703 secs
stage 3: 0.118640 secs
Total: 1.192827 secs
Compressed ../Maps/DM-Deck16][.unr -> ../Maps/DM-Deck16][.unr.uz (36%)

Although I started in the system directory, the output file was created in
the Maps directory - just what I wanted ...

And the new ucc-bin

mnichols at chi2:~/ut-server/System$ ./ucc-bin compress
../Maps/Entry.ut2 -nohomedir
Could not open Entry.ut2


Exiting due to error

Although Entry.ut2 is right where I told it to find it ...

If I run ucc-bin compress against one of the .u files in the system
directory with -nohomedir on the command line

mnichols at chi2:~/ut-server/System$ ./ucc-bin compress XWeapons.u -nohomedir
Compressed XWeapons.u -> XWeapons.u.uz (40%)
Source -nohomedir not found


Exiting due to error

Note that it appears to be trying to compress a file called "-nohomedir" and
errors on that - it does compress the file I specified however and places it
in the System directory.

If I copy a map to the System directory and attempt to compress it there I
get the same thing - it's trying to compress a file called nohomedir -
although it writes the output files to the System directory.

mnichols at chi2:~/ut-server/System$ Compressed DM-Antalus.ut2 ->
DM-Antalus.ut2.uz (
Source -nohomedir not found


Exiting due to error

This is fairly non-trivial at leat to us at Fragism - we set up a
redirection system that compresses files on the fly for users so there is no
need to compress and upload .uz files - the first time it's requested via
redirect, we compress the file and drop it in the same directory as the
uncompressed file.

We could just copy or sym link the file to the system directory I supposed,
but I was curious about the change in behavior and whether or not it was
intentional or not (and the odd error using the -nohomedir option)



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