[ut2003io] UT2k3 Linux Patch 1c

Lord Demios grahn at thegamebox.net
Mon Sep 23 03:40:36 EDT 2002

> - You can switch mirrors on the fly with the GUI autoupdater.
> - If the autoupdater hits a problem (404, no permissions, etc), it will 
> try the next mirror in the list.
> - You can download the patch from any mirror you prefer (or hand it off 
> via sneakernet, if you like), and apply it yourself. The autoupdater 
> just manages the grabbing of the patch, but you can download/run it 
> yourself if you like.

Ok, the 404 helps, but I'm trying to think in lines of mirrors to help you
guys out.  I'm with XMission.com, and we would be very happy to put up
some space and bandwidth to add to the auto updater mirrors.  The only set
back is that Apache 2.0 and some other web servers tend to have pretty
weak bandwidth limiting modules.  Where as with FTP, the ability to tune
the client numbers and download speeds is much more refined.

Just wondering what the work would be to make it work of FTP also.


Chris G.

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