[ut2003io] rollout of dedicated server

Steve Pirk orion at deathcon.com
Sun Sep 22 23:50:00 EDT 2002

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Andrew Pilley wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 22, 2002 at 06:49:57PM -0700, Steve Pirk wrote:
> > You *may* have to copy the maps and other assets
> > off of a retail CD tho... Would be a huge download
> > if they tried to package that...
> iirc, they've said it'll be a separate download. otherwise what's the point?
> include a "server-only" install option. that's a real pain piping 3 cds worth
> of stuff over to do a ded-serv install tho. much happier if i can just untar
> a 400meg tarball. :)
> Andrew 'ashridah' Pilley

I agree... It would be great to be able to un-tar
a ded server. Hopefully, ut2003 can load a map and
ignore missing textures. Then, all you would need
were the actual models.

Granted, this may not be possible as an installable
option, but maybe we could build a file list of the
required files, and then be able to build a tarball
or zip file of the required files *only*.

Got Slack? - Steve

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