[ut2003io] UT2k3 Gold / Support?

Michi hcat at gmx.net
Sat Sep 21 07:23:56 EDT 2002

> Yes and no.
> I don't think you can call Infogrames and get support (and I don't think 
> that's what Mark meant anyhow), but you get my ear directly and 
> bugzilla, which I think is infinitely more useful, has a backing of more 
> knowledge, and I have the ability to make direct code fixes. Let's see 
> the win32 users get that on the 800 number.

yea. i never thought i would be able to call infogrames or stuff like
that but the way mark said "we support" made me wonder... so you will
still update the code as needed, in sync with the win32 code?

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