[ut2003io] LAN only

Lord Demios grahn at thegamebox.net
Wed Sep 18 13:25:34 EDT 2002

> Question 1:
> What is the proper way to set it up for LAN only Play?
> New UT: ?
> -------------------------
> [xInterface.Tab_MultiplayerHostServerSettings]
> bLanPlay=True


> Question 2:
> it looks like UT2003 server is using UT2003.ini and User.ini, I hope this is 
> not true because with the old UT I would use a lot of different ini files:
> -------

on the startup command do -ini=nameofinifile.ini
> Question 3:
> Are there any web pages yet for UT2003 server setup?

A link was posted earlier, but I have seem to left it on my home
box.  Would someone be kind enough to post the link to the server setup
page discussed here earlier?

Chris G.

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