[ut2003io] Benchmarking

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Sun Sep 15 19:56:22 EDT 2002

Daniel Vogel wrote:
>>So I assume everything is cool that way. VARSize is set to 20. Would
>>increasing that help at all?
> On large levels. Try setting it to say 32.
> I'll spend some more time with the OpenGL renderer for the first patch or
> so.

Thank you. I really appreciate the work all of you guys are doing to 
make this work in Linux. I realize it is more a labor of love than 
something that is cost-effective.

On a semi-related note, do you know if there's anyway I can buy the game 
and have it reported as a Linux sale? Does it _really_ matter if I buy 
it through Tux Games? Or is it basically irrelevant?


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