[ut2003io] Linux Client Freezes

Michael leahcim at ntlworld.com
Sun Sep 15 18:27:35 EDT 2002

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 06:10:07PM -0400, Peter Kemmerer wrote:
> Yes, there's nothing in there related to this problem.  The game starts,
> I (and another BU admin) can play for a bit, then hard crash.  He's
> running SuSe, I'm running a very vanilla installation of RH 7.3.
> Shame, too, it looks and plays like a million bucks on the TI4600 in
> Linux (for about 1-5 minutes)
> Still need some assistance, if anyone can help.

Any messages in syslog?

The only problem I had (with a ti4200) was a 64mb AGP aperture giving me
a stack of memory allocation errors output to syslog...upping it to
128mb fixed that (but that was a different game, I've not had any
problems getting / keeping the demo running)

I'd try -nosound too in case the bug is sound card / driver related.

What settings do you have for the nvidia driver - fast writes/sideband
addressing enabled? AGP 4x? Any of the __GL_<foo> env variables set?

Are you using the nvidia agpgart or the linux kernel one - which version
of the kernel...

...and so on...and so on...There are a million questions your 'it
crashes' didn't answer :o/


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