Pentium 4 performance issues?

Martin Hammer martin.h at
Sun Sep 15 18:07:30 EDT 2002

I have seen several people with Athlon-XP and big Nvidia-cards claiming
that "the game plays perfectly smooth, with 100+ fps".

With a Pentium 4 + Nvidia Ti-4200 my own fps-count on DM-Asbestos ranges
from 20(!) to 130 fps, depending on your location on the map. Being able
to see further than about 10 meters really kills fps (being on top of
the ramp/bridge-thing with the purple double-damage powerup only gives
me 20-30 fps). Lowering the resolution to 640x480 and setting all
detail-levels to their lowest values doesn't help at all. DM-Antalus is
even worse.

As a comparison, the original UT and Q3 plays great.

Is anyone else having performance problems?

My setup is this:
Gentoo Linux (gcc 2.95.3)
XFree 4.2.0
Nvidia Driver 1.0.3123

Martin Hammer, Denmark.

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